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Bike Academy Flachau - Dips&Drops

Bike Academy

Technique training &
guided tours for
all levels

Without the proper riding technique, mountain biking is a dangerous hobby. We will show you the most important skills, no gos and moves. On our daily guided tours, you can learn mountain biking in one of Austria's most beautiful regions, improve your riding practice or take a sporty and challenging approach and really clock up the metres. After your visit, you will not only know what dips & drops are, but also master them. We’re gonna make you sweat.

Guided tours and bike technique training during your hotel vacation

The right tour for all levels:

Fit for Fun - Blue

Do you have no MTB experience? Then our beginner tours are perfect for you. Our guides will show you the basics and the right technique so that you have fun biking right from the start and know what's important.

Easy beginner tours
Level_1 (1)
Fit for Fun - Orange

Do you already have some experience on a bike? Are you familiar with braking techniques? Do you feel confident on a bike but have no experience on a mountain bike? In other words: gravel roads and downhill riding are not your bread and butter. Then this is the right group for you.

Easy to medium difficulty up to an altitude of 1,500 metres.
Level_1 (2)
Heavy Cycling - Red

Do you feel confident on gravel and when riding downhill or uphill?
Bikers in good physical condition with good riding and braking technique can really clock up some metres on these tours. Altitude AND kilometres. Our guides will show you how to master steep terrain and tricky sections even more routinely.

This level focuses on challenging tours.

Difficult and challenging tours up to an altitude of 1,500 metres.
Level_1 (3)
Heavy Cycling - Black

You and your bike are one unit. Root passages and easy jumps are not an issue for you. As an experienced mountain biker, you love challenging tours. This level focuses on trails in the surrounding area. We'll show you cool techniques and tricks. For example, we will ride the Reiteralm Trail, Wagrain and the many insider tips together with you. Challenge accepted.

Difficult and challenging tours up to an altitude of 1,500 metres.
Level_1 (4)
Kids & Teens

Kids & teens can generally take part in the Fit for Fun category. Special tours for kids & teens are offered during holiday periods.

We love it. We fix it

It's no secret that we love bikes. So it goes without saying that we check all our rental bikes every day. They have to be in top shape for you and your tours. If you need your own bike checked, our bike experts will also take care of that.

DIY. During our weekly repair courses, you will learn the basics and most important steps so that you can repair your bike yourself.

Bike service at the Hotel D&D in Flachau

Fancy some
exclusive tips
and tricks?

Fancy a private bike guide tour or bike technique training?
Your private guide will be selected according to your wishes and requirements. The tours are charged per day and person without equipment and without MTB. Group prices apply for groups of four or more.

Babsi Mayer during private training
Couching deluxe with professional bikers


Bike guides in D&D

Hey, guides!

To ensure that your downhill and uphill adventures are safe and that you find the most beautiful routes around Flachau, it's best to trust our local guides. They are on site seven days a week.
For private individual rides, group tours and technique training. Depending on your ability and fitness level, they will recommend a tour and be happy to help you improve your skills. The Bike Academy offers daily guided tours at various levels.

Meet our team

Jonas - Bike Guide
Jonas - sports scientist and mountain bike guide

A "Zuagroaster" - which means: someone who is not from here. And yet this is his home. He loves the mountains and sport and so Pongau became his adopted home. He enjoys this in his free time with the love of his life who is, of course, an Austrian. Jonas usually goes on his bike tours accompanied by his beloved camera. His eye sees things that remain hidden to other observers.

Max - mountain bike and hiking guide
Max - mountain bike and hiking guide

Max is a full mountain enthusiast. As a Kuchl resident, he is a trained "woodworm". Kuchl is THE wood community in the Salzburg region. And because life as a woodworm isn't that exciting, Max went to Portugal to work in customer support for BOSE Soundtechnik. But the mountains were missing there, so Max's passion for sport brought him to us in the mountains. A dream combination: ski and snowboard instructor in winter and a qualified bike guide in the Salzburger Sportwelt with guests on bike tours in summer - that's what Max does.

Dennis - MTB and road bike guide
Dennis - MTB and road bike guide

Dennis was born in Bad Ischl and is now an electorI and ski school co-owner. He started his professional career with an apprenticeship as a carpenter in Hallstatt, before going on to complete a Bachelor's degree in sports science. He met our guides while biking and signed up. You can rely on Dennis. He likes punctuality, appreciates logical thinking and says: "You have to understand sarcasm.” As an employee, he appreciates the fun and relaxed atmosphere in the hotel and when dealing with guests.


Holger - bike mechanic and downhill/enduro specialist
Holger - bike mechanic and downhill/enduro specialist

With Holger, the D&D Bike Hub is in the very best hands. Or rather, in the best tool cart. There's nothing that Holger can't repair, or better still, we've never experienced this in recent years. Spare parts are stockpiled as much as possible so that we never have a down day. Holger is also a licenced MTB trainer and supports the team with guiding. A real all-rounder.

Expert TIP_700px


The daily guided group tours are included for all hotel guests with a Medium Stay & Large Stay package. Each guided tour consists of a maximum of 10 participants.